Adriatic+ Platform

Sharing Marine and Coastal cross management experiences in the Adriatic basin

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In this section you can find a list of georeferenced data projects funded by EU. All the projects have been developed in the Adriatic Sea.

Adriplan - Data Portal logo

Adriplan - Data Portal

The portal is an integrated platform which aims to support the MSP process in the Adriatic-Ionian region. The portal is developed on GeoNode, an open source Geospatial Content Management System that allows users to share geospatial datasets and maps. ADRIPLAN collaborates with other projects to integrate and make data available from their portals. The creation and maintenance of this network of collaborations allows the capitalization of existing multiple efforts and improves the availability of spatial dataset for users interested in MSP-related information.

Shape + Hazadr logo

Shape + Hazadr

In Adriatic Atlas you can find all those data which are necessary to implement the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) policies, the Risk Prevention System to oil spill, and the knowledge of the spatial distribution of pollution preventing equipments.

Netcet logo


It is a online database that monitors the entire Adriatic basin in which to store and view all recoveries of turtles , both living and dead specimens , which occur along the coasts and waters of the Adriatic Sea . The goal is to have a tool for both the public and for researchers with which to verify in real time the distribution of the population of sea turtles and the possible issues that may be encountered in the waters of the Adriatic.

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The project Ecosea aims to promote, improve and protect the marine and coastal environment through sustainable management of fishing activities, ensuring a sustainable development perspective for coastal communities depending on fisheries. Here you can find “Technical – Scientific Advisory Board Adriatic ” with all informations about fishery fleet, aquaculture activities, biological pattern about some most of the important commercial species in Adriatic Sea and more. Check it out.

DeFishGear logo


DeFishGear project is currently the largest project dealing with marine litter in the Adriatic and is designed to give the first assessment of the situation, carry out pilot project and offer strategic recommendation for dealing with the issue at the regional level. It originated as a response to the need for effective dealing with the issue of marine litter in the Adriatic MacroRegion, towards litter free coasts and sea. It aims to facilitate the eff­orts of policy makers and stakeholders in e­ffective dealing with the issue of marine litter in the Adriatic.

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Project BALMAS addresses the protection from ballast water pollution in the Adriatic area, risk prevention, protection and enhancement of the marine and coastal environment. On the BALMAS GIS application you can view a broad range of ballast water management data and share marine traffic data (vessel path lines and traffic density), port salinity data, ballast water exchange distances.